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  • I have seen some improvements in my flexibility and my lingering aches in my lower back. Dr. Smith and his staff have done wonders in my spinal health and I would recommend their services to alleviate any aches and pains you may be experiencing.

    -P. Cleveland (5/11/22)
  • Dr. Smith takes his time with your assessment and does a fantastic job explaining your plan of care to help alleviate your pain and take care of your problems.

    -A Naramore – 9/14/21
  • This is my 12th appointment with Dr. Smith and the pain in my lower back in significantly better! I can make it through my day without pain. I am sleeping through the night and I am so glad I came in and continued my treatment! If you have neck or back pain I would totally recommend Hoover Spine & Joint Center.

    -Paula Dill 1/26/23
  • Came in in bad shape. Dr. Smith works out pain and stiffness. Exercises are a great way to keep loosed up. Dr. has got me at a good point now. I move easier, last longer on my feet and am walking againing.

    -D Patterson – 10/11/21
  • My sessions with Dr. Smith have been tougher than expected but the pay off has been well worth it, I’m more limber and less stiff and stove up as my father would say then I’ve been in 20 years. Well worth the investment.

    -W Stivender – 11/15/21
  • I have been seeing Dr. Smith for my back and shoulder pain for about a month now. I have seen much improvement in those areas! I had an unexpected rib injury flare-up while under his care. He did some adjustments to that area and now I have no pain in that area. Thank you Dr. Smith!!!

    -B. Alexander (4/12/22)
  • Since starting the program my back has improved by leaps and bounds! Had it not been for Smith Chiropractic, work and everyday life would be incredibly difficult otherwise.

    -P Stephens (5/20/22)

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