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Additional Testimonials

Brandi M.

Dr. Smith has helped me tremendously and this treatment has saved my back. I only trust Dr. Smith for my care. I’ve had back pain for 20 years. I’ve been in and out of centers, doctors, and physical therapy, which did not seem to help at all. My pain and immobility seemed to get worse. I have had 4 pain blocks between 2006-2007. Those maybe lasted a year, max. Being a nurse, having back pain puts strain on your job performance. It’s hard to care for others when you hurt yourself. In 2008, I found Dr. Smith. After only a few visits I felt remarkably better. Then months later I was pain free with only occasional flare ups. 10 years after, I have not had to have any more pain blocks and I will continue my current treatment. Dr. Smith has helped me tremendously and this treatment has saved my back.

Davicia T.

Smith Chiropractic is an awesome establishment. My entire family has come here at one time or another, my grandmother being a regular patient. It wasn’t until I was in a car accident that I made my first appointment with Dr. Smith. Life changing! I had no idea how badly I needed these services even before my accident. The staff is professional, upbeat, and warm. I will continue coming here for good. Thank you Dr. Smith!

Lee M.

When I came in to Dr. Smith I was in terrible shape. I could not stand up straight or walk without a lot of pain over the past 2 months. I have improved greatly. My posture is straight. I can walk to the pain is almost gone. Dr. Smith & his staff are very professional, kind and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Smith!

Donna B.

I went to several doctors over the course of a year due to daily headaches. After seeing Dr. Smith my headaches began to diminish and I was able to sleep better. Also, my range of motion has drastically improved!

Paige H.

I was referred to Dr. Smith by my husband. I was barely able to walk from severe pain in my back and was experiencing numbness in my legs. I experienced relief after my 1st visit. After some continuing care I am back to my regular exercise routine and feeling no pain. I am excited about a normal life again with care over a periodical basis.

Cody P.

The first time I visited Dr. Smith I had chronic neck pain and could not sleep. I also had trouble driving and working was becoming impossible. Now I know what has been causing my pain and the treatment have helped make things more manageable. Dr. Smith listens to me and is willing to try different methods until he finds what works for me.

Alice P.

Thank God my regular Chiropractor was out of town! As a New Patient to Dr. Smith, I was examined and had XRays taken. This process revealed I was in Stage 2 or 3 (out of 5) in Degenerative Disc Disease. Small bone spurs were budding and a lack of cartilage was revealed. There was even an exaggerated curvature of my spine. I would have never known this as bone degeneration due to it being silent for a long time.I was immediately given a long term care plan with different levels of progress. I am being taught how to be pro-active in nurturing my bone health. I am also learning to exercise muscles that strengthen the spine. I am very comforted and very grateful.


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