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Spinal Decompression at Hoover Spine and Joint Center

Spinal Decompression is particularly useful for patients who suffer from spinal pain and pain radiating into their arms and legs. It specifically targets cervical and lumbar disc issues, including bulging discs, slipped discs and herniated discs.

Safe and Effective

This spinal traction uses varied pressure and angles to target the affected spine areas. The pressure creates a negative pressure in the soft tissue structures of the spine, including the spinal disc, and will draw fluid into that disc and surrounding soft tissue which will help rebuild the resilience of the disc to resist body weight for some period of time.

A Non-Invasive Therapy

The result of this noninvasive treatment is very successful in reducing pain and improving the function of the disc and other structures of the spine.

Many Hoover residents who have considered spinal surgery and epidural blocks have had success with spinal decompression as the alternative to much more aggressive and invasive treatment.

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